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Saturday, December 1, 2007

12/1/2007, Radio 1943 - "Battle Stations"

1943 was the turning point of the Battle of the Atlantic. And, it was also the zenith of Radio. Today it's referred to as "Old Time Radio", but during the war it was one of the main news channels, and a ajor source of entertainment.

Battle Stations was a Four-part NBC radio show which aired in August 1943. In each 1/2 hour episode, the US Navy discussed the progress of the Naval War. Each show was a dramatization. The 1st and 2nd shows dealt with the Battle of the Atlantic. Destroyer Escorts are specifically mentioned in Part 2. The last two shows focused on the carrier war in the pacific.

Listen to "The Battle of the Atlantic, Part 1:"

Listen to "The Battle of the Atlantic, Part 2:"

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