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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Torpedo Attack (DDR-742, DD-875)

Recently I exchanged letters with an old shipmate from the Frank Knox (DDR-742). He asked if I had seen the picture of the USS Frank Knox being torpedoed (And I had)? In 1971 the Frank Knox was sold to the Greek Navy as the HS Themistoklis (D-210). Twenty years later, on September 12, 1991 the Frank Knox was used as a torpedo target and it was sunk by the Greek submarine Nereus (S-111).

The video of the USS Frank Knox sinking is available in this link, and on youtube (as part of a larger video on Greek Submarine torpedo firings). On the youtube video the Frank Knox segment starts around the 4 minute mark. The other ship detailed in the youtube video appears to be a Knox Class Destroyer Escort. I believe that it is the USS Trippe (DE-1075), recommissioned in the Greek Navy as the HS Thraki (F-457). It appears that the submarine which launched the torpedo that sinks the Thraki is the Greek submarine Oceanos (S-118). Both the Nereus (S-111) and the Oceanos (S-118) are Type 209 submarines build in West Germany.

My other ship the USS Henry W Tucker was sold to Brazil in 1973. When it was ultimately decommissioned in 1994 it was also used as a torpedo target. While there wasn't a video of this sinking there is a detailed account of the sinking on the reunion website.

Good Bye - USS Frank Knox (DDR-740) and USS Henry W. Tucker (DD-875).

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