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Sunday, August 26, 2012

This Day, seventy years ago, 8/26/1942

Seventy years ago on this day, Wednesday, August 26, 1942 during the Battle of the Atlantic three merchant ships were sunk: the unescorted British steam merchant Beechwood was torpedoed and sunk by U-130; the unescorted Norwegian motor tanker Thelma was torpedoed and sunk by U-162; and sailing with Convoy LW-38, the British steam merchant Empire Kumari was torpedoed and sunk by U-375.

There were 101 U-Boats at Sea (Events this day - U-Boat Net).

During August, 1942: 114 ships (544,908 tons) were sunk and 17 ships (95,053 tons) were damaged by U-boats and mines.

The naval Battle of the Eastern Solomons took place on 24–25 August 1942. It was the second major engagement during the Guadalcanal Campaign. The two adversaries were never within sight of each other. All attacks were carried out by aircraft. Neither side secured a clear victory. However, Japan's losses were greater and included dozens of aircraft and their experienced aircrews. Also, Japanese reinforcements intended for Guadalcanal were delayed. 

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