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Monday, October 15, 2012

Highline Transfer - Right way and Wrong Way

The above video shows the rightway to do a highline ship-to-ship transfer.  It details a transfer between the USS King and the USS Orleck.  Today, the USS Orleck is a museum ship in Lake Charles, Louisiana. The entire deck log for the Orleck is available on-line. 

This transfer above took place on Friday, October 7, 1967.  Here are the log entries:

Friday, 6 October 1967
0000 Steaming in company with Task Element composed of COMDESRON 3, COMDESDIV 72, USS KING (DLG 10), USS ORLECK (DD 886), USS LEONARD F. MASON (DD 852), USS WILTSIE (DD 716), and USS BUCK (DD 761), enroute from Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, to Guam, M.I., in accordance with COMDESRON THREE Operation Order 301-67.  This ship in station #3 of a circular screen 11C4.  Formation course 258°, speed 18 knots, formation Axis 258°T.  SOPA, OTC is COMDESRON THREE in USS KING (DLG 10).  USS KING (DLG 10) is guide, bearing 213°T, distance 3000 yards.  Condition of Readiness FOUR and Material Condition YOKE set.  Ship darkened except for running lights.
before 1417**** Entries before Highline Omitted ****  
1417 Set the Special Highline and Transfer Detail.
1430 C/s to 20 knots.  C/c to 190°, maneuvering to take stand-by station 500 yards astern of the USS KING (DLG 10) for highline transfer of personnel.
1437 By order of OTC, highline transfer delayed until 1500.  Maneuvering to regain assigned station five.
1455 C/form/c to 300°.
1459 C/form/c to 320°.
1505 C/form/c to 255°, c/form/s to 12 knots.
1507 Commenced maneuvering on various courses at various speeds to obtain assigned stand-by station 500 yards astern of the USS KING (DLG 10).
1512 Obtained stand-by station, began making approach on USS KING (DLG 10) to facilitate starboard side for highline transfer of personnel.  Using various speeds on various courses to obtain alongside station.
1530 First line over.
1537 McGHEN, M.A., SN, 997 07 03, departed this ship by highline transfer to USS KING (DLG 10) to facilitate early departure on emergency leave.
1552 All lines clear.  Maneuvering on various courses at various speeds to clear USS KING (DLG 10) and return to assigned station five in Formation 20.
1600 Underway as before.  Maneuvering to take station 5 in Formation 20, 255°T, speed 16 knots.

This video (The Secret Land) details the wrong way to do a highline transfer (twice). The highline clips are depicted around 46 minutes.  The entire video details Operation High Jump, a Navy expedition made to Antarctica in 1946-47, under the command of Admiral Richard E. Byrd. The video received an Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature in 1948.    However, one ship depicted during the highline sequence was the Destroyer Escort USS Robert F. Keller (DE-419).  DE-419 wasn't assigned to Operation High Jump.

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