Recently people have been joining me on my Sunday Walks in Downtown Albany. Typically, I walk in Albany when I'm scheduled as a tour guide on the USS Slater. A slide show and a map are detailed at this blog entry. I plan on walking on Memorial Day, Monday, May 27. You can contact me at:

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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

5/2/2009 - Busy Day

It was a busy day. I managed to give three tours in approximately four hours. The Michigan DE sailors were also aboard, to start they annual reunion/work week. The weather was nice. It was slightly overcast and relatively cool.

On the 1st tour I had a well informed WWII enthusiast who bombarded me with questions. I hope I passed the test? I really did enjoy it. It keeps you on your toes. One of the questions, was how many decks the Slater Had? I had to form a mental image - and came up with seven decks (detailed in the uploaded image below). On the USS Slater web site you can click on the deck image and see details (USS Slater Deck Index).

In between tours I had a discussion about the drives for the 40mm gun mounts with a Fire Control Tech from the Michigan Reunion Group. I was under the impression that the drives were amplidyne (all electric). It turns out that the Slater has electro-hydraulic mounts. Onboard there's excellent documentation about the mounts so it was quite easy to check out the details. Regarding the 40mm there's also a great deal of information available on the web:

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