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Saturday, May 30, 2009

5/29/2009 - Battle under Orion

This evening, all of the USS Slater volunteers had an opportunity to view the American Premiere of the Japanese movie "Battle Under Orion". Last year, in August, many of the Battle Scenes were filmed aboard the Slater. This was also the last day of the annual reunion of the original USS Slater crew, so a handful of many of WWII sailors who served on the Slater had an opportunity to see the movie as well. Also in attendance were Albany's Mayor Jerry Jennings and few local dignitaries, and the American cast, Extras and Film Crew. The Albany Times Union did a bit earlier in the week, "Now Showing: USS Slater" by Paul Grondahl.

I enjoyed the movie, but when it comes to movies about WWII I'm easy to please. The best surprise of the evening was that my wife's reaction. Typically she avoids films with subtitles. And the only way I get her to see a war movie is if I commit to see chick flick. I was pleasantly surprised when she liked it (and I didn't have use a chick flick credit).

We sat behind a group of film extras. It was interesting seeing their reactions as they appeared on screen. Another surprise was seeing the USS Slater's Educational Coordinator, Eric Rivet, all dressed up in a suit and a tie (I hardly recognized him). One problem I saw, Tim had the USS Slater too bright and shiny. On film it looked like the USS Slater was just put in commission.

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